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illuminate your life - coaching

your pathway to personal wholeness, conscious living and creative expression

• Are you done with feeling “stuck?”

• Are you ready to explore your passions and light a match to what really fires you up?

• Do you desire to explore your life purpose and pathway to passion?

• Are you ready to toss out mediocre and go BIG?

I am ready to guide you.

A Transformative Life Coaching partnership will illuminate the path of your inner awareness and personal power.


The Transformative Life Coaching process views the client as whole, resourceful, capable and creative.  It is a partnership of power, respect and dignity.  When facing challenges in our lives, we raise questions that often keep us stuck such as Am I good enough? What if I fail? What are my options? What will other people think? Can I handle this? The answers reside within you.  Coaching is an opportunity to make new discoveries and shift your perspective so that you see the challenges before you in a new light.

If you’re curious call (206) 778-1019 or email me.


Let's embark on the journey...

The Illuminate Your Life Process

Identify – your blocks & strengths
Envision – your new pathway
Declare – your intention
Implementation – move forward
Innovate – as needed

“Nityia GETS it. Powerful insight into what is making me stuck and not being my best self. I saw areas in my life that I could make attainable and achievable goals. She listened and asked the right questions and made me feel comfortable. I loved her energy, made me feel excited about my future.

I saw that there is hope at the end of the tunnel and I can make my dreams a reality. She’s a natural! I will definitely be looking forward to working with her again in the future. I highly recommend coaching with Nityia”
Vandana, Seattle WA

Founder, YogiEssence

“Working with Nityia was transformational. In such a short time, she was able to help me see that I really did have the answers to questions that seemed baffling to me! I am so incredibly grateful for her brilliance. I was astonished about how quickly she made my confusion into absolute clarity!”

Micha, Seattle WA

UW Professor, Artist

“I’m grateful that you were able to guide and support me to uncover an old belief system that trapped me in a dysfunctional thought pattern. I feel freedom and relief through acceptance.”

C., Seattle WA

Whatever the experience you seek – be it professional/creative development, meaningful relationships, personal satisfaction, deeper understanding of your self

the key to transformation lies within you

In partnership, the transformative coaching experience opens possibilities only available through the relationship dialogue. 
 You are the expert in your life.  As your Coach I will ask powerful questions to help you uncover the hidden gems and buried treasures of your inner landscape. Working together, we will illuminate the pathways of your life that have been overlooked, forgotten or simply undiscovered. You will gain clarity, confidence and courage to live your most authentic and wholehearted self.

email me and feel what is possible in your life

I look forward to your magnificence.